30 days, 11 Vignettes

Overall I have enjoyed this project. 

I really like film and think I will be using it in future projects in which I will have a mixed media approach. 

I’ve realised throughout this project that I like to keep my videos simple. I only use generally in each video 1-3  clips. I also usually only use 1-2 different angles. I like to keep my angles and techniques very simple and use my subjects to create the motion and moving image aspect to my work. 

I think my post production work varies. In a few videos I have recorded only one clip and only used one clip without any cuts or transitions. Compared to other videos in which I heavily use post production to create my vision.

I definitely think film and cinematography will play a part in my future works. 

Word and Image

"Word and Image"
Date Taken: 08/10/13
Location: Nottingham
Equipment Used: Tripod, DSLR Nikon D5100, Model
The idea for this video is was pretty simple. Sign language. It’s both an image which translate into a word. 

The video spells hello. I thought keeping it simple would make sure there were no mistakes and to not offend anybody (I don’t know sign language). 

I shot five different clips, each with the hand in a different position giving the viewer another compositional element change. 

In post I just glued the clips together in a linear timeline. 

Overall I think the video looks ok, it’s not my best work however I do believe it answers the brief of word and image. 

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The Conversation

"The Conversation"
Date Taken: 06/10/13
Location: Nottingham, New College Nottingham
Equipment Used: Tripod, DSLR Nikon D5100, Models

For this video, I decided to have fun and not take it too seriously. 

My concept for this vignette was the idea of, when you enter a gallery space and there’s an film instillation half way through running, you have absolutely no idea what’s happening. I wanted to re-create this feeling with this video. 

I think I accomplished my concept. 

I kept the post very simple, I only used three different shots, Medium, and Extreme Close Up. 

I also added “subtitles” to the video to add to the sense of confusion. 

Overall I think it came out quite well and like my previous video “the past” this is probably one of my favourites from this set of vignettes. 

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The Past

"The Past"
Date Taken: 04/10/13
Location: Nottingham
Equipment Used: Tripod, DSLR Nikon D5100, Mirror, Laptop
For this vignette I wanted to be more conceptual. 
I decided to play back a previous video “From A Distance”. I did this by placing the laptop opposite a mirror, I then placed my tripod and camera facing the mirror. I feel like this metaphors for ‘the past’ - looking into the past. 

I also decided to make the whole video out of focus to create a sense of mystery, and for me sometimes thats how the past can feel and look like when thinking about something that happened a long time ago.

In post I added no effects except for a gradual blur, I decided to put this in because I liked the way to colours and shapes become more and more distorted throughout the video enphisising  my concept. 

Over all I think this is one of my favourite vignettes. I think that a more conceptual based video is more truthful to myself. 

A Journey

"A Journey"
Date Taken: 02/10/13
Location: United Kingdom to Spain
Equipment Used: DSLR Nikon D5100

For this video I travelled from Nottingham, to Spain - Palma Del. 

I wanted the video to reference a previous video I watched whilst in research. This is why the video has quick, short clips showing the my surroundings and environments. 

I tried to use a few different techniques, for example - In one clip I tilted the camera upwards whilst walking forwards, which leads the end of the clip into the next clip. 

Overall I think the video came out ok. If I were to do this again, I would like to record a lot more footage.

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